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Ginger Chai

Ginger Chai

Mild & Minty Green

Mild & Minty Green

Earl Grey

Earl Grey

Sweet Tea Cold Brew Blend

Sweet Tea

Gunpowder Green tea

Gunpowder Green

Lavender Rose tea

Lavender Rose

Ginger Mint Chamomile tea

Ginger Mint Chamomile

Nilgiri Blue Mountain tea

Nilgiri Blue Mountain

Ruby Hibiscus tea

Ruby Hibiscus

Matcha Latte Mix

Matcha Latte Mix

Matcha First Flush

Matcha, First Flush

Aged Heart Oolong tea

Aged Heart Oolong

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The right tools for the job.

We believe proper preparation is an important step to unlock the full flavor profile of the tea in your cup. We recommend brewing each of our teas in a brewpot that allows for full leaf immersion to ensure full extraction. Basically, we want all of the tea leaves to touch all of the water. In doing so, you will find a more balanced cup as the leaves experience a equal extraction, with no bitterness (over-extracted) or blandness (under-extracted).

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