We strive to responsibly source quality loose leaf tea and single origin coffee for the enjoyment of our customers, even to the last drop.

We agreed upon these values to guide our decisions as a business.
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We aspire to curate quality experiences that will inspire you in your everyday. From product, to people, to environment; this core value will drive our growth and your experience.

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In every facet of our business, we will seek honesty, integrity, and transparency. It’s starts with our product; works within our support structure; and continues in our financial stewardship.

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We are all stewards of what we’ve been given; because of this, we will donate a portion of our profits to environmental issues of today and social issues impacting our community.

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We believe in avoiding the potholes of capitalism by not allowing profit and the bottom line to drive our decisions. We want our ideals to transition from dollars and cents to dollars and sense.

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Design is more than fonts and colors to us. When something is designed, it has been given consideration and thought, not just to make something aesthetically pleasing, but to make your whole experience better.